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Felt Maker's Journey: From Felt-Making to Soapmaking

What has soap-making got to do with felt-making? Well for a start you cannot wet felt without using soap in the process. After many years of working with commercially made

olive oil and goat milk-based soaps, I developed dermatitis on my hands. No matter what creams I used, I could not get rid of it.

In desperation, I learned how to make my own olive oil soap. I threw out all of my dishwashing detergents and commercial soaps and began using my soap. Success. My dermatitis cleared up and my hands have never been so clean and soft.

My soaps are made in my farm kitchen with Australian-grown extra virgin olive oil and beautiful essential oils from Ahisma. The soap is cured for at least three months to make it long-lasting. Using mainly essential oil harmonic blends ensures a long-lasting aroma in the soap.

Soapmaking is so enjoyable and an aromatherapy session at the same time. I cannot decide what blends I like best. I think I like all of them. Nothing beats lavender - so calming but I love the citrusy vibe of mandarin and patchouli. They are all lovely.

I am so happy that I can share my natural olive oil soaps with everyone. They make great gifts. They are a very popular product at my local handmade craft store - Creative Gunning. You can also purchase them on my website in a trio. Click the link on the image below.

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